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Sandhya Earrings

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This is another name for twilight which is the basis of our collection. Here the phenomenon of day turning to night is shown by elements symbolic to the two times. The golden pearls and beads at the top of the tassel represent the golden sun, the lower portion’s white pearls and silver beads represent stars in the night sky and the middle portion is the mix of the two. So the actual transition of the sun making way for the moon is shown in these classic tassel jhumkas.

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Color: Gold, Silver and White

Materials: We use materials like shell pearls, copper alloy/brass metal, chains, natural and lab treated stones, carved and textured stones, beads, carved silver and gold look elements, polkis, etc.

Care Instructions: Keep away from water, hairspray, perfume and other liquids. Clean when required with a soft cloth or paper napkin. Store in a plastic airtight pouch and do not keep it under heavy items as the Jewellery has delicate hand crafted elements.