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Magnetic Bookmarks

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πŸš€ Introducing Magnetic Bookmarks Collection – The Perfect Reading Companions!

Imagine a world where you never lose your page again. That's the power of our set of 10, individually crafted, magnetic bookmarks. With a size of 2.5 x 5 inches, these bookmarks are tailor-made to ensure your precious reading moments are never interrupted.

Whether you're diving deep into your favorite novels πŸ“š, referencing a must-try recipe 🍲, or studying for that crucial exam πŸ“–, these bookmarks effortlessly fit into your literary lifestyle. They're equally perfect for marking your place in notebooks and planners πŸ“”, helping you stay organized and focused.

Each bookmark is more than just a page holder. They're exquisitely printed on both sides with Premium Art Paper 🎨, creating a beautiful and durable finish that will last as long as your love for reading. What's more, they're equipped with powerful magnets πŸ’ͺ that hold your place securely without causing any harm to your pages.

This set is as diverse as your reading list, featuring 10 unique designs:

  1. "I Like Big Books" Magnetic Bookmark πŸ“š - For when your love for reading cannot be contained!
  2. "Winter" Magnetic Bookmark ❄️ - A perfect match for a cozy winter read.
  3. "I Am Sleepy" Magnetic Bookmark 😴 - To accompany your bedtime stories.
  4. "Rubic's Cube" Magnetic Bookmark 🧩 - When your book feels like a captivating puzzle.
  5. "Leap of Faith" Magnetic Bookmark πŸš€ - The best partner for those inspiring reads.
  6. "Living the High Life" Magnetic Bookmark πŸŒ‡ - For the moments when your book lifts you up.
  7. "Sunflower" Magnetic Bookmark 🌻 - To bring sunshine to your reading days.
  8. "Be the Energy" Magnetic Bookmark ⚑ - For when you need motivation to keep going.
  9. "BuZZ off,Β I Am Reading" Magnetic Bookmark πŸ€“ - A polite way to enjoy uninterrupted reading.
  10. "Slow Down" Magnetic Bookmark 🐒 - Reminding you to take time and enjoy every word.

These bookmarks make a delightful gift πŸ’ for any book lover or can be a charming treat to indulge yourself 🎁. Order now and upgrade your reading experience to a whole new level with our Magnetic Bookmarks Collection!

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Color: Multi Colour

Materials: 300 Gsm Art Paper

Care Instructions: none