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Bubble Ombre Candle (Dawn)

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Legend has it, that you can’t say bubbles without being cute!

These Bubble shaped pastel Candles are meant to give a delightful and joyful touch to your room.

Vanilla scented and crafted lovingly, bubbles awaits a home that will light it up whenever in need of a happy pick me up. Get these for a rather bubbly Day!

Dimensions :

7 cms X 7 cms X 7cms

Weight - 225 gms

Fragrance :


Burning Time :

30 hours approximately.

Trim your wick in the first burn and each burn. For a correct candle flame, let it burn for almost 2 hours

Due to weather temperature, your candle may come with some small white marks known as "frosting", a very natural effect of natural soy wax and doesn't harm the candle or its burn.

Shipping & Return

Dispatched in 3-4 Days working days. This product is Non-Returnable


Color: Grey pastel Ombre

Materials: Wax

Care Instructions: Keep away from direct Sunlight. Put your figure candle in a tray when use to burn them. Place your candle on a flat surface and don't leave it unattended when lit.